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This week (12-30-11) I finished up this Accutron caliber 2185 Mark IV Railroad approved and this rare Accuron Doctor's watch.

When  the Accutron was introduced by Bulova in the early 1960's it was a technological marvel and the 1st major advance in watchmaking in nearly 300 years.  The Accutron was an American invention and the most accurate watch in the world.  It was used in the space program, military jets, and even Air Force One.  The Accutron has ties to Kalamazoo, MI, as one of the inventors, Egbert Van Haaften., grew up there.


Derek Hadfield recently advertised his services in a local newspaper, and I contacted him about purchasing a railroad watch. Although my hobbies include metal fabrication, welding, and machining, I donít know so much about fine watches from the late 19th century. In short, Derek took all of the uncertainty out of obtaining a fine railroad watch. After we discussed what I was looking for, he found an Illinois Bunn Special and proceeded to secure and overhaul the watch.When I went to Derekís shop to pick up the watch I was presented with a piece that presents itself as nothing less than new old stock. Derek had painstakingly disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and regulated the watch. In the timekeeping department it hangs in there with my Rolex Submariner, and the patina and aura of patiently crafted old metal are icing on the cake. I recommend that anyone wishing to have any watch repaired, or any desire to buy and wear a vintage watch call or email Derek. You wonít be disappointed. Jay-- Jackson MI.

I was very impressed with the work Derek did on my vintage Girard Perregaux chronograph w/ Valjoux 72 movement. Bill from Georgia

I found Derek's store on ebay while looking for a good used watch to replace my broken Seiko I had tried to have my watches repaired by my local Seiko dealers and they told me parts were not available anymore and they were junk. after a couple of emails with Derek I soon packed them up and sent them away for him to look at. he got right back to me and said he was certain he could get them up and running again. he found the parts I needed, tuned them up, and sent them back. it was like Christmas when they came in the mail. both watches I sent Derek run great and look like new again. he has saved me hundreds of dollars by not having to buy a comparable watch to replace  my old ones. I would highly recommend his services.                                                         thanks George from South Dakota -Vintage Seiko 6139 mechanical Chronograph and Vintage Seiko 7A38 Quartz Chronograph

Great Job by a Professional Craftsman - watch is working perfectly!! Thanks!!  Tom from Illinois. Vintage mechanical Hamilton wristwatch.

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